• Dr. Casey Campbell

Neck Pain? You asked, I listened.

Due to the coronavirus, many people are self-isolating at home. This has lead to an increase in screen time - phones, laptops, videogames. There are things you can do NOW to help ease your neck pain:

1. If you have a great computer ergonomic set-up at your house, congratulations! If not, there are simple and affordable ways to make your computer workstation kinder to your body. Please see my blog post about Computer Ergonomics.

2. Make sure that you take a minimum of one 10 minute break per hour on the computer. When you are on the computer or phone, try to avoid leaving your head in a downward position for prolonged periods of time!

3. Below are some great neck stretches. You should hold each stretch gently for 30 seconds, and repeat 2-3 times per day.

Are you tight where your neck meets your shoulder? Here is a great Levator Scapulae stretch:

Are you looking for some general stretches for neck stiffness? Here is a great resource for you:

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