Gua Sha - What You Need To Know

What Is Gua Sha and How Does It Work? Gua Sha is performed by using a smooth jade stone with lotion or oil to perform a cross friction massage along areas of muscular tension or scarring/adhesions. It was developed by Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctors and is now performed by multiple types of practitioners including massage therapists and chiropractors. Scar-tissue is typically formed after an injury to a joint.  This process is your body’s way of splinting that joint in

All About Posture

Posture – What Is It? People tend to think of posture as what you look like while standing.  But, it’s much more than that.  The best way to assess your posture is to perform tasks and positions that your body is in the majority of the time.  For example, my most common postures from highest amount of time to lowest are: sleeping, walking, sitting at a desk, texting, and driving.  Therefore, to do a postural assessment, I would look at each of these activities for areas of im