Dr. Campbell grew up in the beautiful city of Calgary. She attended the University of Alberta in Edmonton and completed her Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology degree in 2008. She then attended Palmer College of Chiropractic in San Jose, California. Upon graduating in 2011, she returned to Calgary to begin her Chiropractic career. In her teens, Dr. Campbell suffered from severe back pain and headaches.  These were largely due to transitioning away from doing competitive gymnastics, and into regular physical activity.  She sought out Chiropractic care and massage therapy.  After months of treatment, she was pain-free and felt so much better overall.  This inspired her to become a Chiropractor and to help others achieve the same results.  Her past as a gymnast and competitive coach have given her added insight as to the best treatment options and modalities for the athletic population during health as well as during a time of injury.

Dr. Campbell makes it a priority to maximize the effectiveness of each treatment session in order to reduce the number of sessions required to meet the person’s goals for treatment. She creates individualized treatment plans and incorporates a variety of practice styles to meet each patient's specific needs, including Diversified, Activator techniques, Arthrostim, Drop techniques, and muscular therapy techniques. She has a wellness approach to treatment and focuses on each individual as a whole.   

On her down time, Dr. Campbell enjoys spending time outdoors, lives an active lifestyle, and likes to read. 

Dr. Campbell believes in the philosophy of setting the bar high in all aspects of your life; you can achieve your dreams and have fun doing it!